Reflections on World Water Week 2017

“Water and waste: reduce and reuse” was the theme of this year’s World Water Week, attended by more than 3,000 in Stockholm. As usual, the topics discussed were wide-ranging. The following are some that caught my attention. Back to the future Non-networked solutions and approaches, like fecal-sludge management (FSM) services, have captured the imagination and […]

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Celebrating World Water Day with Water For People in Guatemala

Imagine living in a community where only 96 of 3,000 residents have access to water — and those people can only access water every eight days. Now imagine the joy of learning that everyone in your community will finally have access to water. I witnessed that joy on the faces of residents of the Pamesebal […]

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Every drop counts for sustainable, efficient, equitable water use

This year’s World Water Day theme “Why wastewater?” highlights the importance of reducing and reusing wastewater in our homes, industry and agriculture. Wastewater treatment is a process that converts wastewater from its unusable state into an effluent that can be either returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues or be reused for another […]

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#WomenExcel: #WaterIs the world’s most important resource

Celebrated globally on March 8, International Women’s Day recognizes the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. AECOM has devoted the Impact blog to featuring women leaders across the globe throughout the month of March. Join us here as we recognize the accomplishments of our staff around the world, embrace diversity and promote gender […]

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