#CoolJobs: Proud to lead a team that is skilled, trained and ready for action!

I am pleased to offer a look into some of the exciting projects and capabilities within the mission support services (MSS) team at AECOM. I am a computer science major with a focus in software engineering. You might find it strange that a software engineer runs a team focused on aviation services, but I spent […]

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#CoolJobs: Light links everything

When I was young, my family took me to a local theatre in Chongqing, China. I remember feeling this incredible sense of wonder at the shapes of the shadows and illumination onstage, sparking my interest in light. That spark grew, and led me to study architecture at Chongqing University before earning my master’s degree in […]

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#CoolJobs: The pristine Brazilian coast is my office

While I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in oceanography, I was also trying to choose the right career path for me. Like most students, I had many doubts, but I still remember thinking there was one thing I was certain about — that I wanted to travel and experience as much as I could […]

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#CoolJobs: Front row view of the evolution of spaceflight

AECOM’s Joshua Taylor sits in one of the chairs in which astronauts from well known shuttle missions donned their flight suits hours prior to launch. My job at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is amazing because I get to work with rare equipment, I am able to interface with customers in all areas of development, and I […]

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#CoolJobs: I get paid to climb trees and save bats

Charlie checks the tightness of her harness while conducting survey work. From dormouse monitoring, sediment sampling and pitfall trapping for great crested newts to taking National Vegetation Classification surveys of Royal Naval Air Service runways and camera surveys of urban badgers, the sheer variety of work within my cool job as an ecologist keeps me on […]

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#CoolJobs: Our Ice Age dig adventure

When he was a child, for summer holidays in New Zealand, AECOM’s Craig Helm and his family would visit a local river. Craig and his brother spent hours creating little “dams” on many of the small river braids. As an adult, Craig finds himself spending a lot of time working on significantly larger dam projects […]

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#CoolJobs: AECOM underwater!

I spend most of my everyday work life above water. However, on occasion, I get the opportunity to explore the underwater world — and I get paid for it! I’ve been an active member of the AECOM Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) dive team for five years, conducting projects in New England, United States, and […]

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