Engineers have a role to play in minimizing climate change

Michael Li guided the sustainable development of commercial office tower 41X, which is the Victorian state headquarters of the Australian Institute of Architects located in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia. The tower achieved a 5-star Green Star certified rating, an internationally recognized sustainability rating system. Engineers play an integral role in shaping our interaction with the world. The decisions we make […]

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#SafetyforLife: Cycling safely into the future

In late 2014, I partnered with my colleagues in leading an exciting new collaboration between AECOM, Auckland Transport and Rongomai Primary School — a low-income school in South Auckland, New Zealand. The Rongomai Cycle Programme is aimed at educating children about cycle safety and promoting active, healthy lifestyles. AECOM staff donated a fleet of brand […]

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What do planners actually do? And why do we need them?

A concept design for a medium-rise residential development located at Gilberton, South Australia, prepared by architect Tectvs. Olivia Franco was recently awarded the 2014 South Australian Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) Award for “Outstanding Achievement by a Young Planner.” She was recognized for her demonstrated leadership within the planning industry and skills in strategic and […]

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Innovation — How to make the magic happen

If you type the word “innovation” into Google, you will get more than 407 million Web page results. Fortunately, if you type “definition of innovation,” your results are much less — only 235 million results. With these two search terms alone generating such a variety of views and definitions, is it any wonder most people […]

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Award-winning environmental practitioner shares three tips for new consultants

Zara Marais recently received the 2014 Tor Hundloe Award for “Young Environmental Practitioner of the Year,“ which is awarded by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) for outstanding contributions to the environment profession by a young practitioner. Like many graduates, I left university with slight apprehension and a handful of vague ideas […]

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Cycling with “Amy’s Gran Fondo” event in Australia

I have ridden a bike all my life. It’s always been something that I enjoy, coupled with my spirit for adventure and the value I place on health and renewable/sustainable living. Recently, I have been more serious about cycling and, at the start of the year, I set myself a goal to take on a […]

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