Expanding water treatment capabilities in Florida

An AECOM engineer performs a punchlist on odor control scrubbers and tanks at the new Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Davie, Florida. AECOM was selected to complete this design-build process to bring its expertise on constructability, scheduling, and construction costs early on in the process. The project included design and construction of a water […]

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Water monitoring helping planning efforts in SE Asia

An AECOM environmental scientist uses equipment to test for heavy metals in ground water in western Bangkok, Thailand. This developing area is next to a landfill in an automobile manufacturing area. Widespread migration from the countryside is placing tremendous stress on urban water supplies and sanitation services delivery throughout SE Asia. AECOM is involved in […]

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Balancing act on eco-preservation

A neighboring resident takes in a morning yoga workout along a newly restored section of the Hanalei Stream in Kauai, Hawaii. AECOM completed engineering services on the project to restore adequate flows of the stream for taro farmers and also achieved reducing sediment and protecting water quality downstream for fisherman. This exposure was taken at […]

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Down on the bayou

Residents get in some evening exercise along the Buffalo Bayou Trail in Houston, Texas. AECOM provides landscape architecture and engineering services to the Harris County Flood Control District, the City of Houston, and the Army Corps of Engineers focussing on erosion control, storm system drainage, flood control, and aesthetic trails and landscape. This exposure was […]

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City of San Francisco water reuse and Living Machine© SFPUC project

Pedestrians stroll by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) headquarters building near downtown San Francisco.  The green planters along the sidewalks provide a welcome break in the urban landscape and are part of a natural wastewater treatment and reuse system.  It’s a Living Machine© that AECOM helped SFPUC permit and design.  The Living Machine© is located within the entrance plaza and […]

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Recycled water for a growing community

In a time when an extended drought has threatened California’s water resources, one town has developed a program for recycling water to deal with unforeseeable conditions.  Oxnard’s new Advanced Water Purification Facility plant is one of the largest, most prominent recycled water programs in the United States.  The facility guarantees sustainable and reliable water supply for the growing […]

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Rushing water clears improved dam and spillway

Water rushes out the floodgates of Eau Pleine Dam Spillway near Mosinee, Wisconsin. In its original configuration, the three tainter gates (shown in red) could only open 12 feet high before reaching the gate hoisting structure. AECOM designed an improved gate deck, with new hoist machines raised above the existing gate hoist deck. The new […]

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Very large filters

Paul Lev, a senior wastewater technologist with AECOM walks past a set of four trickling filters at the Annacis Island WWTP in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. AECOM serves as the prime consultant for engineering services for the plant which treats 175 billion litres of wastewater every year, and handles 75% of the wastewater for the […]

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250 feet under Indy

An electrical engineer surveys some of the newly installed cabling and conduit stretching down a new boring at the Deep Rock Tunnel Connector (DRTC) outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. AECOM is responsible for providing engineering and construction management services for the project. At more than 250 feet below ground, the tunnel system will store more than […]

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Breathe easy

Barry Klepp, a professional engineer and project manager with AECOM jots down some punchlist items toward the completion of a walkthru inspection at the new Stickney Sludge Treatment Facility outside of Chicago, Illinois. AECOM served as the prime consultant for engineering and architectural services for the plant which is the world’s largest waste water treatment […]

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