Rockfall mitigation helps residents breath easier

An AECOM project manager inspects newly constructed rockfall catch-fences along Menehune Road in Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii. The Department of Land and Natural Resources hired AECOM to provide structural engineering design and construction management services for The rockfall mitigation project. The work involved the removal of unstable boulders and rocks and installation of barriers with a […]

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Marine architects preserve invaluable piece of history

Two AECOM marine architects work below deck of the USS Texas Battleship off the Houston Ship Channel adjacent to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site. AECOM was brought on board to survey the condition of the battleship, provide preliminary design concepts for a dry berth, and conduct the studies necessary to comply with federal […]

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Long way down

AECOM bridge inspectors Lance Savant, PE (shown lower right) and David Raffensperger (shown top center) work their way around a steel open-spandrel arch 700 feet high over the Colorado River during an inspection of the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge in Page, Arizona. The bridge was originally built in 1959 by the US Bureau of Reclamation […]

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Very large filters

Paul Lev, a senior wastewater technologist with AECOM walks past a set of four trickling filters at the Annacis Island WWTP in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. AECOM serves as the prime consultant for engineering services for the plant which treats 175 billion litres of wastewater every year, and handles 75% of the wastewater for the […]

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A face of construction management in the Pacific NW

Bob Powell, a senior construction manager and PE with AECOM’s Seattle, Washington office stands in front of the downtown skyline for a portrait on the office’s rooftop. I was in the area covering a number of projects in the Pacific NW and stopped by the local office to assist with some environmental portraits of their […]

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Finding savings for the US military

A team of engineers takes an inventory of equipment in a mechanical room at Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, Arizona. AECOM as part of its Sustainable Infrastructure Assessment (SIA) work for the Federal Government has had teams of engineers and architects performing surveys and evaluations of existing military base facilities. The assessments look at […]

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250 feet under Indy

An electrical engineer surveys some of the newly installed cabling and conduit stretching down a new boring at the Deep Rock Tunnel Connector (DRTC) outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. AECOM is responsible for providing engineering and construction management services for the project. At more than 250 feet below ground, the tunnel system will store more than […]

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Breathe easy

Barry Klepp, a professional engineer and project manager with AECOM jots down some punchlist items toward the completion of a walkthru inspection at the new Stickney Sludge Treatment Facility outside of Chicago, Illinois. AECOM served as the prime consultant for engineering and architectural services for the plant which is the world’s largest waste water treatment […]

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Big blue

Lindsey Tracy, an engineer-in-training with AECOM’s Houston, Texas office takes a breather during an inspection at one of her projects – the Houston East Water Purification Plant. It’s great to capture our designers and engineers in action in the field. I asked her to tell me a little about herself and her work. Tracy earned […]

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Winning expression

Larry Henderson, an Interior Designer with AECOM’s Arlington, Virginia office poses for a portrait in October. Most of our work as photographers centers around making images of built, finished work and telling stories of how those improvements make the world a better place. We also try to make time to assist offices with environmental portraits […]

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