How has design changed since you graduated?

One of my colleagues recently asked me this question, and it certainly threw up some interesting answers. Design is defined by a changing society, but I think the reverse is also true: throughout the years, design has challenged society and proposed new solutions and concepts. Since I graduated in 2014, these key trends have continued to influence […]

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A day in the life of a graduate designer

When you say “interior designer”, people often think you “fluff cushions” for a living! However, there is so much more to the people-focused design approach: our whole philosophy centers on the end user and their day-to-day requirements, then developing tailored design solutions to meet their needs. Direction for this comes from our colleagues in workplace strategy – […]

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Participatory culture: the power of collaboration

From a world in which few produce media and many consume, the last decade has seen a fast-paced move towards one in which each participant has a more active stake in the culture that is produced. The role digital technologies play in our daily life is changing how the world works, affecting our relationships, educational […]

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Ross Wimer discusses changing directions for architecture

Photo: NASA Sustainability Base by Cesar Rubio. It seems that many of the architectural trends of the last decade have finally run their course. Ross Wimer, who leads AECOM’s architecture practice for the Americas, discusses new directions with Mike Consol, editor of the Institutional Real Estate Letter for the Americas, in this podcast. These icons will be familiar to anyone who has paid attention […]

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What makes a building iconic?

I recently visited Madrid for a design training workshop, hosted by our Spanish office. Strategy Plus and AECOM colleagues from all over the world came together on a hot summer day of June 2014 and, with a sense of “back to Uni” excitement, began with a tour of 81 Castellana, also known as Banco de […]

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Work follows people: creating spaces that work

At our recent launch event for the latest issue of See Further magazine, a lot of the debate focused on people – for example, “how can we make space that suits both extroverts and introverts?” and “how can space cater for several generations, each with a different set of values?” I believe that the reason […]

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Playful office design: all in the details

The clichéd foosball table, dreaded bean-bag or obligatory slide … some people think of these when you say “playful office design”. I wondered how we could get beyond these when I was recently invited to give a talk, in the heart of the London design community in Clerkenwell, on that theme. I began with some […]

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It’s all about experience

I was recently approached by Building Design magazine – hot on the heels of the launch in May of our See Further magazine – who wanted to publish a shortened version of the article Albert de Plazaola and I wrote outlining our views on “experience design.” It reminded me how especially relevant this issue is for occupiers […]

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