How has design changed since you graduated?

One of my colleagues recently asked me this question, and it certainly threw up some interesting answers. Design is defined by a changing society, but I think the reverse is also true: throughout the years, design has challenged society and proposed new solutions and concepts. Since I graduated in 2014, these key trends have continued to influence […]

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Technology – saviour or gaoler?

Image courtesy of here Technology is one of the key triumvirate for a great workplace, the other two pillars being culture/HR policy and design. Technology can improve efficiency, mobility, flexibility, communication and collaboration – it can be an enabler for work in the 21st century when you get it right. But is our technology at […]

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Working in the Digital City

What interests me most about the technology sector in New York was that it pioneers so many of the new ways of using space and technology and represents a broader vision of what future workplaces could be like. The tech sector has been growing very fast in New York, primarily because the products and applications […]

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