The upward spiral: letting positivity boost productivity

I have good and bad news. The bad news is: we can learn to be unhappy. The good news: we can also learn to be happy! When psychologist Martin Seligman introduced the term “learned helplessness”, he proved the principle: if you experience that you cannot change what happens to yourself, you are paralyzed, leading to […]

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Making health and wellbeing work in the workplace

Striving to provide services that meet our clients’ needs might be standard practice, but for me, once I have done that, I want to find out what else we can do for them to make their workplace environment even better. The great thing about my job as a workplace consultant is that I can do […]

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Ideas from the IFMA workplace strategy summit

Photo: Copyright AECOM / Robb Williamson I was invited to speak at the International Facilities Management Association workplace strategy summit held near Reading, UK in June. This was hosted by Professor Alexi Marmot from University College London and was a followup to a previous summit held at Cornell University in 2012. The attendees were an […]

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Sit less, exercise more

Photo: Google’s Amsterdam office, courtesy of Google. How much do most of us move at work? In some offices, you can get the impression of being surrounded by zombies! The average adult can sit for up to 11.5 hours a day, with most of this time in the office – back bent, perhaps chair not […]

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Meaning through work

(Image: As work leaves the confines of the office, organisations are looking to the workplace to be an anchor of collaboration that connects people and ideas. In a workplace landscape replete with huddle spaces, whiteboards and meeting rooms, collaboration is king. Whilst this is particularly relevant to the knowledge worker in the head office, […]

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