Enabled by Design-athon Sydney

“Objects and environments should be designed to be usable, without modification, by as many people as possible.” – William Lidwell, Universal Principles of Design It was with William Lidwell’s mantra in mind that I came to the recent Enabled by Design-athon, a first for Australia thanks to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance who brought the event […]

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No more work face?

Image courtesy of green apfel  I recently wrote a soon-to-be-published article for iCroner that outlined the “Journey of Leadership in the Workplace”, defining the skills a leader would need in 10 years to lead and manage in a more consumer-type workplace, as defined by the AECOM workplace research. I argued that leaders would need to […]

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Sit less, exercise more

Photo: Google’s Amsterdam office, courtesy of Google. How much do most of us move at work? In some offices, you can get the impression of being surrounded by zombies! The average adult can sit for up to 11.5 hours a day, with most of this time in the office – back bent, perhaps chair not […]

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Keeping it real at work

Image courtesy of: http://mergefestival.co.uk/merge-2013/2013/9/19/bankside-transformed What is the one thing you’d like to do before you die? Candy Chang – artist, designer and urban planner – lost an important person in her life, and her grief led her to ask this question of the public as part of an installation on an abandoned house in her […]

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Work follows people: creating spaces that work

At our recent launch event for the latest issue of See Further magazine, a lot of the debate focused on people – for example, “how can we make space that suits both extroverts and introverts?” and “how can space cater for several generations, each with a different set of values?” I believe that the reason […]

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Playful office design: all in the details

The clichéd foosball table, dreaded bean-bag or obligatory slide … some people think of these when you say “playful office design”. I wondered how we could get beyond these when I was recently invited to give a talk, in the heart of the London design community in Clerkenwell, on that theme. I began with some […]

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Meaning through work

(Image: www.candychang.com) As work leaves the confines of the office, organisations are looking to the workplace to be an anchor of collaboration that connects people and ideas. In a workplace landscape replete with huddle spaces, whiteboards and meeting rooms, collaboration is king. Whilst this is particularly relevant to the knowledge worker in the head office, […]

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Ten years of time utilisation studies

Dark = percent of time occupied; medium = percent of time temporarily occupied; light = percent of time empty. Looking back to when we (then DEGW, now Strategy Plus at AECOM) carried out the first Time Utilisation Survey (TUS) for IBM in the early 1990s, we didn’t realise that it would become the start of […]

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It’s all about experience

I was recently approached by Building Design magazine – hot on the heels of the launch in May of our See Further magazine – who wanted to publish a shortened version of the article Albert de Plazaola and I wrote outlining our views on “experience design.” It reminded me how especially relevant this issue is for occupiers […]

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Suburbs or city center?

Left to right: Panelists Neeraj Bhatia, Alexa Arena, and Andrew Laing. Urbanism, the future of work, and the implications of both for real estate were top of mind when the Strategy Plus team hosted a Think+Drink event in AECOM’s San Francisco office earlier this month. The “thinking” portion of the event, attended by more than […]

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