How is technology affecting your work/life balance?

Technology is impacting us all, whether we choose to embrace it or not! It’s something I’ve thought about (and written about) a lot, and a recent debate we arranged within the Strategy Plus team threw up some interesting questions about how technology is impacting work/life balance and how it will go on to do so […]

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Flow: doing what you love, loving what you do

I recently went ice skating and happened to watch some children taking classes (above image courtesy of Before the training, they all stood at the edge of the rink, struggling with their feet, waiting desperately until finally, the sheet of ice had been prepared. Then, all at once, about 30 children stormed onto the […]

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The point of a pilot

Taking risks and testing performance – that’s the point of a pilot. These two key themes emerged in a recent AECOM conference presentation in Sydney. The conference explored Next Generation Activity Based Workplaces (ABW). I shared an extended case study of SBS’ Agile pilot space in its Artarmon headquarters. With a background as Australia’s multicultural broadcaster, […]

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The upward spiral: letting positivity boost productivity

I have good and bad news. The bad news is: we can learn to be unhappy. The good news: we can also learn to be happy! When psychologist Martin Seligman introduced the term “learned helplessness”, he proved the principle: if you experience that you cannot change what happens to yourself, you are paralyzed, leading to […]

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Millennials changing expectations for healthcare industry

“Generation gaps are nothing new. The term itself was popularized in the 1960s, as the huge baby boom generation began to influence all aspects of American society. Now another huge generation—the Millennials (those born after 1980)—is moving into adulthood and impacting everything from popular culture to technology to social institutions. We’re only beginning to see […]

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Making health and wellbeing work in the workplace

Striving to provide services that meet our clients’ needs might be standard practice, but for me, once I have done that, I want to find out what else we can do for them to make their workplace environment even better. The great thing about my job as a workplace consultant is that I can do […]

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Ross Wimer discusses changing directions for architecture

Photo: NASA Sustainability Base by Cesar Rubio. It seems that many of the architectural trends of the last decade have finally run their course. Ross Wimer, who leads AECOM’s architecture practice for the Americas, discusses new directions with Mike Consol, editor of the Institutional Real Estate Letter for the Americas, in this podcast. These icons will be familiar to anyone who has paid attention […]

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What makes a building iconic?

I recently visited Madrid for a design training workshop, hosted by our Spanish office. Strategy Plus and AECOM colleagues from all over the world came together on a hot summer day of June 2014 and, with a sense of “back to Uni” excitement, began with a tour of 81 Castellana, also known as Banco de […]

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Big data hits the big time: global cities indicators

Photo: Copyright AECOM by David Lloyd The Global Cities Indicators Facility (GCIF) at the University of Toronto has for a long time worked with many cities around the world to collect and share data on city-level information that would be valuable for city management. Their global conference held this past May in Toronto brought together […]

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Ideas from the IFMA workplace strategy summit

Photo: Copyright AECOM / Robb Williamson I was invited to speak at the International Facilities Management Association workplace strategy summit held near Reading, UK in June. This was hosted by Professor Alexi Marmot from University College London and was a followup to a previous summit held at Cornell University in 2012. The attendees were an […]

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