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Big data hits the big time: global cities indicators

Photo: Copyright AECOM by David Lloyd The Global Cities Indicators Facility (GCIF) at the University of Toronto has for a long time worked with many cities around the world to collect and share data on city-level information that would be valuable for city management. Their global conference held this past May in Toronto brought together […]

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Ideas from the IFMA workplace strategy summit

Photo: Copyright AECOM / Robb Williamson I was invited to speak at the International Facilities Management Association workplace strategy summit held near Reading, UK in June. This was hosted by Professor Alexi Marmot from University College London and was a followup to a previous summit held at Cornell University in 2012. The attendees were an […]

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Enabled by Design-athon Sydney

“Objects and environments should be designed to be usable, without modification, by as many people as possible.” – William Lidwell, Universal Principles of Design It was with William Lidwell’s mantra in mind that I came to the recent Enabled by Design-athon, a first for Australia thanks to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance who brought the event […]

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No more work face?

Image courtesy of green apfel  I recently wrote a soon-to-be-published article for iCroner that outlined the “Journey of Leadership in the Workplace”, defining the skills a leader would need in 10 years to lead and manage in a more consumer-type workplace, as defined by the AECOM workplace research. I argued that leaders would need to […]

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Sit less, exercise more

Photo: Google’s Amsterdam office, courtesy of Google. How much do most of us move at work? In some offices, you can get the impression of being surrounded by zombies! The average adult can sit for up to 11.5 hours a day, with most of this time in the office – back bent, perhaps chair not […]

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