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Keeping it real at work

Image courtesy of: What is the one thing you’d like to do before you die? Candy Chang – artist, designer and urban planner – lost an important person in her life, and her grief led her to ask this question of the public as part of an installation on an abandoned house in her […]

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Work follows people: creating spaces that work

At our recent launch event for the latest issue of See Further magazine, a lot of the debate focused on people – for example, “how can we make space that suits both extroverts and introverts?” and “how can space cater for several generations, each with a different set of values?” I believe that the reason […]

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Playful office design: all in the details

The clichéd foosball table, dreaded bean-bag or obligatory slide … some people think of these when you say “playful office design”. I wondered how we could get beyond these when I was recently invited to give a talk, in the heart of the London design community in Clerkenwell, on that theme. I began with some […]

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Meaning through work

(Image: As work leaves the confines of the office, organisations are looking to the workplace to be an anchor of collaboration that connects people and ideas. In a workplace landscape replete with huddle spaces, whiteboards and meeting rooms, collaboration is king. Whilst this is particularly relevant to the knowledge worker in the head office, […]

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