Article review: “As technology gets better, will society get worse?”

A recent article by Tim Wu for the New Yorker entitled “As Technology Gets Better, Will Society Get Worse?” illustrates insightfully the relationship that technological evolution has on humanity. Wu writes: “Imagine that two people are carving a six-foot slab of wood at the same time. One is using a hand-chisel, the other, a chainsaw. […]

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How do open offices affect social structuring at work?

The UK has more than twice as many open plan workers than the global average. Almost half of UK workers (49%) are based in open plan offices compared to 23% globally. In research on territoriality, open plan offices are referred to as “non-territorial offices”. This implies that there is no territorial behaviour in open plan […]

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How has design changed since you graduated?

One of my colleagues recently asked me this question, and it certainly threw up some interesting answers. Design is defined by a changing society, but I think the reverse is also true: throughout the years, design has challenged society and proposed new solutions and concepts. Since I graduated in 2014, these key trends have continued to influence […]

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Technology – saviour or gaoler?

Image courtesy of here Technology is one of the key triumvirate for a great workplace, the other two pillars being culture/HR policy and design. Technology can improve efficiency, mobility, flexibility, communication and collaboration – it can be an enabler for work in the 21st century when you get it right. But is our technology at […]

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Uniformity and individuality in the workplace

Image courtesy of In my last blog post here and an article I wrote shortly after for iCroner, “Journey of Leadership in the Workplace”, I articulated my thoughts and theories on how leadership has changed in the workplace. Lately I have been reading and reflecting on this, and also on the wider picture of […]

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“Ugly” buildings and the importance of mindful communication

One of the most frequently disparaged buildings in recent Ontario history is Toronto’s Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum (above, photo courtesy of Royal Ontario Museum / Sam Javanrouh). The media have been unrelenting in their criticism of the building. Voting it “worst of the decade,” Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post (“Best […]

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Serious play in the city

Why would Deloitte’s Silicon Valley think-tank be studying online gamers and kite surfers? John Hagel and John Seely Brown’s hypothesis is that engaged employees will not be enough to sustain performance in uncertain times and where the half-life of a business model is constantly contracting. They argue that to thrive in the twenty-first-century world, a […]

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A day in the life of a graduate designer

When you say “interior designer”, people often think you “fluff cushions” for a living! However, there is so much more to the people-focused design approach: our whole philosophy centers on the end user and their day-to-day requirements, then developing tailored design solutions to meet their needs. Direction for this comes from our colleagues in workplace strategy – […]

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Participatory culture: the power of collaboration

From a world in which few produce media and many consume, the last decade has seen a fast-paced move towards one in which each participant has a more active stake in the culture that is produced. The role digital technologies play in our daily life is changing how the world works, affecting our relationships, educational […]

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What I learned from being a strategic consultant

Photo by Robert Frank When I graduated in 2010, I didn’t have a clue about my future except for one thing: Don’t spend the next four years drawing bathroom details. I landed a job with AECOM’s Strategy Plus practice (then DEGW) shortly after graduating, and a whole new world of workplace research, change management and executive summaries […]

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