#InfrastructureWeek: An exciting (and critical) time for water infrastructure

Water infrastructure is vital to our lives and economies: Hundreds of billions of dollars are required to be invested in the United States’ water infrastructure in the coming decades to ensure safe, reliable supplies and systems that protect public health and the environment. Civil infrastructure serves as the backbone of the world’s human activity. Our […]

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Pollinate India: First steps in Kolkata

Hi! I’m Catherine (Cat) Ganley. I’ve had a longtime interest in social and development issues, and in 2010, I accepted a one-year volunteer placement with Engineers Without Borders based in Vietnam. I worked and traveled through much of Central and Northern Vietnam during that time and extended my placement an extra year, staying for two years […]

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Pollinate India: Arrival in Kolkata

The excitement hit me on the airport travelator – I’m going to India! There’s nothing quite like walking along a moving walkway to a soft mechanical hum in air-conditioned, sterile surrounds. Of course, the airport environment is the complete opposite of my first impressions of India – an assault of heat and car horns. We […]

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Drones, virtual/mixed reality and 3D printing are the future of construction

This post is part of a series on Linkedin. Image courtesy of Getty Images. In China, concrete houses are being produced by 3D printers. In the U.S., designers are using virtual reality with clients to experience the look and feel of a high-rise building even before the first shovel turns dirt. And in countries around […]

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Celebrating World Water Day with Water For People in Guatemala

Imagine living in a community where only 96 of 3,000 residents have access to water — and those people can only access water every eight days. Now imagine the joy of learning that everyone in your community will finally have access to water. I witnessed that joy on the faces of residents of the Pamesebal […]

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What can corporate workspace learn from learning environments?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 95 percent of corporations are recruiting their future work force on college and university campuses. What is surprising is that zero percent were studying how the design of learning environments can be incorporated into the design of their corporate workspaces. This was the initial finding of my research […]

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Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers

My commitment to community involvement started with my mom and dad, who began stressing its importance when I was young. My mom drove me to high school, and during that long drive across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana, she would take the time to remind me that “your father and I are making this […]

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