Imagine it. Delivered.

Imagine it. Delivered.

As a native Angeleno, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Los Angeles transform over my lifetime. When I got an opportunity to join a company at the heart of that transformation, I jumped at the chance.

It’s been fascinating to learn the extent of AECOM’s work, not just in LA but around the world. Our employees often say we’re the most amazing company no one has heard of. A global network of professionals coming together to help solve clients’ toughest challenges: delivering clean water and energy, creating new transportation systems, restoring natural environments, strengthening communities, shaping skylines.

In a way, we’ve found ourselves in the position of our brand needing to catch up to our business reality.

And there’s never been a more exciting time to be in the infrastructure space. The need is tremendous. Urbanization is affecting entire regions. Cities are transforming. New technologies are creating opportunity. In the face of climate change and uncertainty there’s crucial need for resilience and security.

AECOM is in a unique position to address many of the world’s most pressing issues. We’re only limited by the magnitude of our clients’ dreams and aspirations.

We have an incredible story, and now it’s time for the world to hear it.

We’ve partnered with Oscar-nominated director John Singleton to produce AECOM’s first television commercial. It tells the story of a young surfer from South LA who embarks on an early morning journey via the LA Metro’s Expo Line to reach Santa Monica beach by sunrise. It’s an honor to have a distinguished Angeleno, who’s been telling the story of this city his entire career, take interest in the work we’re doing with the LA Metro expansion.

AECOM brings the best minds together to spark better ideas, connect neighborhoods and create opportunity. This innovative spirit is captured in the commercial and in our new tagline, Imagine it. Delivered. Both a call to action and a promise to our clients, the tagline says, bring us your impossible and we’re here to make it a reality.

As someone who’s had the privilege to become part of this team, I couldn’t be more proud to share the AECOM story.


Heather Rim is chief marketing and communications officer and senior vice president for AECOM.

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  1. Just saw the commercial. It’s neat. As a native Angeleno, I was one of many who grew up without a car in our home (yes, we exist) I remember public transportation before LA added any rail lines. I can tell you with my whole heart that the LA Metro expansion is a dream come true. I have a 12 minute walk to the Metro Expo line and I take it several stops to downtown Santa Monica. My entirely carless commute takes approx 30 minutes. Thanks AECOM, I know you all ways that you’re the best company nobody knows about. But I am aware, and I am grateful. 🙂 Keep making our urban spaces at home and abroad, better.

  2. The entire campaign has a positive energy and makes me proud to be a part of AECOM. The commercial debut and the other video that you shared today on AECOM live allowed me to reflect on what we do here and how each of us play a role in transforming our communities. Such a fantastic day here in DTLA.

  3. Put up a picture of your John Singleton with every mention you make of him, specially if it’s likely to get a view in Australia. The local version of the same name is an entirely different and well known character.

  4. @ A. Freeman – thanks so much for sharing your story. LA Metro is truly connecting our city like never before. I’m so delighted to hear that you have a carless commute – fantastic.

    @ Alice – I’m so glad you were able to tune-in to AECOM Live. I truly believe there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of this company. Looking forward to seeing you in DTLA.

    @Graham – Thanks for your note. We plan to post a Q&A with John, along with behind the scenes photos from the commercial shoot next week. Check back soon.

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