Imagine 2060: Exploring the future of Sydney Harbour

In the first of three years in the Imagine series, the theme of “At the water’s edge” continues in Sydney. Asia Society and AECOM held a discussion with eminent planning and innovation experts on 22 June on the future of Sydney Harbour and its contribution to the economic and cultural vibrancy of the city. The […]

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Imagine 2060: Starting the dialogue in Manila

If there is an ideal urban laboratory to discover solutions to the world’s chronic stresses of urbanization, Manila—with 12 million people in 17 jurisdictions—may well be it. Walking out of our inaugural Imagine 2060 event in Manila on March 30, the feeling wasn’t just one of elation that the event was a success, with nearly […]

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Urban SOS: All Systems Go

How can Thailand’s capital of Bangkok reduce flooding, clean up its water, and improve transportation? How can the island city-state of Singapore build food resiliency? How can Quito, Equador solve climate-change-driven water problems? Student finalist teams will present their answers to these questions on Thursday, October 15 at the A + D Museum in Los […]

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LA 2106: realizing the ecological metropolis

Today we revisit a concept we submitted to the History Channel’s City of the Future competition in 2006. Looking back, the thinking we did on this has deeply influenced how we approached projects and developed our practice over the following decade. With a hundred-year timescale, this remains just as potent a suggestion for the future of Los Angeles as it was […]

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Singapore’s centrepiece for urban transformation

In land-scarce Singapore, making full use of every inch of ground to spur continuous while sustainable growth ranks high on the nation’s agenda. As an extension of the country’s central business district, the new Marina Bay/Greater Southern Waterfront area has been earmarked as a vibrant live-work-play district that will spur development and raise the international […]

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Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation waterfront public space, Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Photo by Bima Pramata. It has been about a year now since a new public space called Firm Foundation opened in Banjarmasin – a delta city on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan. Like all of the housing nearby, Firm Foundation is built on stilts over river water. It was […]

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Coastal resilience through biomimicry

Blackpool’s new seawall, mimicking the dunes that once protected this coast. Copyright AECOM photo by Dixi Carrillo. The concept behind biomimicry is really quite simple. Our planet’s biological and environmental systems are the result of an ongoing 3.8-billion-year ‘research and development’ process. This has resulted in some amazing solutions to problems that human society faces […]

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Not a ‘shore’ thing

Photo: Blackpool coastal defenses, copryright AECOM by David Lloyd. I recently had the privilege of being on a Q&A panel for the film ‘Shored Up’ at Melbourne’s International Environmental Film Festival. The film explored beach erosion and the engineering responses that many authorities use in an effort to protect beaches. It also looked at how […]

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