Urban SOS: All Systems Go

How can Thailand’s capital of Bangkok reduce flooding, clean up its water, and improve transportation? How can the island city-state of Singapore build food resiliency? How can Quito, Equador solve climate-change-driven water problems? Student finalist teams will present their answers to these questions on Thursday, October 15 at the A + D Museum in Los […]

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Discussing ‘edible infrastructure’ in Brisbane

AECOM’s Brisbane studio recently hosted the first of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) ‘Come back to my place’ events, as part of the inaugural Forecast Festival of Landscape Architecture. The event was called ‘Edible Infrastructure: Taking small bites out of big places’ and was conceived as a way to start a bigger conversation […]

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Urban ag in action

Image courtesy of http://www.urbanfoodpolicy.com. Three cherry-picked projects exhibit the new frontier for food system planning and design. Economic Urban Farmers is a roof-top farm developer for cities. It was created in Zurich by a Swiss businessman and an aquaponics scientist at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. They don’t grow tomatoes but provide the system to […]

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A growing field

Courtesy of http://www.livelocalsource.com/content/rooftop-farm-heart-new-york-city Food systems as part of our urban environments are nothing new. It is only in the last 100 or so years of city habitation that we’ve moved many parts of the process out of our cities and sterilized it such that children grow up not understanding that milk comes from cows, or […]

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Thinking locally about agriculture

There is a perception that agriculture is something that typically occurs a long way from our cities and towns. In many cases the concepts of urban and rural activities seem quite separate and usually incompatible. Here in Queensland, Australia, agriculture is one of the ‘Four Pillars’ of the state economy. Both industry and state government […]

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Water sensitive cities

Water sensitive urban design at the Southport Broadwater Parklands, Australia. ©AECOM photo by David Lloyd. Professor Tony Wong’s TED X presentation at Canberra, Australia in April, “Envisioning a Water Sensitive Future for our Cities and Towns,” describes approaches for integrating  the built and natural environment by focusing on water.  By incorporating natural hydrologic processes as […]

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Why farm the city?

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn. Image courtesy of http://www.garden.harvard.edu/?p=977 Agriculture has made cities a reality. Without a reliable food supply, it is simply not possible for large numbers of humans to settle together in the same location, and agriculture has allowed us to do this on a staggering scale. For the first time in our […]

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