Resilient Bangkok: Working toward a greener, safer, more equitable city

This is the fourth in a series of posts on AECOM’s work with cities participating in the 100 Resilient Cities program, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. The program supports 100 cities globally in tackling issues of globalization, urbanization and climate change by developing a resilience strategy under the leadership of a chief resilience officer. AECOM […]

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Accelerating cities in Australia, New Zealand

I recently visited Auckland, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney recently, speaking in various venues about globalization, emerging technology, and their impacts on cities, including a presentation at the Adelaide ‘Open State’ festival. From traditional North American/European perspectives, both Australia and New Zealand are the ‘end of the line’. Auckland is 12 hours ahead of London – […]

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Mayors and innovation: there is much to do and they want help

Political conventions are often known for funny hats, rousing speeches, and lots of receptions and parties, but they are also an opportunity for civic leaders to come together, talk about the issues they are facing, and share ideas. The National Conference of Democratic Mayors held just such a session last week in Philadelphia called “City […]

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The new urban infrastructure equation

What makes a city? Places we live. Places we work. Places we shop and enjoy ourselves. Shared public spaces. The systems that move us from point to point. The systems that deliver water and energy to us. All of this is physical infrastructure of one kind or another. There are also the capital and funding […]

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Making the link: how major transit can unlock regional growth

Japan’s High Speed Rail Network was built in stages. By finding unique ways to fund and deliver key transit projects in Australia, our regional economies have the potential to flourish while playing a more significant role in accommodating population growth. Some may think that the major population growth in our cities will leave our regional […]

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Inside-out: the secret to successful city growth lies at the core

Moving towards a denser way of living does not mean abandoning what we cherish. Australia’s population is growing, and fast. But are we ready? With more and more people expected to live in urban areas, how can we successfully accommodate this growth while striking a balance between productivity and retaining our great quality of life? […]

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Creating healthy cities: vibrant and vital for a better future

Several European cities have have banned vehicles from their city centres in an attempt to create a more active, healthy community. The world’s great cities are exciting and dynamic places rich in experience, opportunity and potential. They are hubs of social interaction, commerce and culture, boasting exceptional places that we love to experience. As the […]

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A Parra Matter: driving the transformation of Parramatta Road

Local businesses will benefit from the transformation of the main arterial between Parramatta and Sydney. Parramatta Road has been the main arterial between Sydney and Parramatta since before motorised traffic. Currently serving more than three million commuters each year, the corridor has become unbearably congested. Businesses have turned their shopfronts away from the road and […]

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Urban SOS: All Systems Go

How can Thailand’s capital of Bangkok reduce flooding, clean up its water, and improve transportation? How can the island city-state of Singapore build food resiliency? How can Quito, Equador solve climate-change-driven water problems? Student finalist teams will present their answers to these questions on Thursday, October 15 at the A + D Museum in Los […]

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Eight steps to a brilliant city

Cities have never been more important, nor the competition between them more intense. Those positioned to excel through this time of global change are pursuing broad, integrated strategies to tap hidden value, celebrate ecology and culture, attract people and investment and overcome financial and operational inefficiencies to define success. Brilliant exudes character and confidence. Brilliant […]

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