Sport and the city

Successful sporting events have the power to impact the growth of an economy and inspire the future of a city. There’s something remarkable about the power of sport. It is much more than a game. The thrill of the spectacle, the roar of a crowd, the pride and tradition experienced at a successful sporting event […]

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International events: seven reasons to bid (even if you lose)

As lessons have been learned and passed on from one event to another, there are now a number of examples of cities that have won the right to host a major sporting event and then gone on to plan for and deliver long-term benefits. Barcelona, Vancouver and London to name a few are all examples […]

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International events: which one is right for your city?

Aside from the so-called ‘mega’ or flagship events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sport events which occur across the globe every year. This is a factor of the organised nature of sport. As well as sport, the event sector also includes cultural, political and […]

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Olympic legacies: #melbourne2024?

For one month every four years, the world is utterly enthralled by sport. The BBC reports that its coverage of the 2012 London Games was watched by 90 percent of the UK population, delivering what has been described as the ‘largest TV audiences since the pre-digital age’ – and that’s just the home nation! Global figures […]

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Sacramento’s transformation is underway

The state of California is the world’s eighth largest economy. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson thinks that its capital city should reflect that—with a vibrant downtown, greater transportation connectivity, and increased environmental resilience, all leading to a renaissance for business and culture. This is not just an idea; many of the projects that would help realize it […]

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Connection is King

What will define the new NBA Sacramento Kings Arena is its openness: a sense of connection from the court, to the stands, to the site, to the city. The key architectural and engineering element is what an article calls “the world’s largest patio doors.” This central design feature is a response to the area’s […]

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CenturyLink Field’s design advantage

On September 15 the NFL Seattle Seahawks will host the San Francisco Forty-Niners in a nationally televised game and one of the most anticipated match-ups of the 2013 season. The Niners anticipate a roar of crowd noise so deafening that they may not be able to hear one another when standing a few yards apart […]

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What recent protests in Brazil mean for cities and planning

Cidade da Copa, development planned for Recife, Brazil around the 2014 World Cup. In an op-ed in the New York Times last month (“Let them eat soccer”, June 25), the Brazilian writer Elio Gaspari captured the corrosive effects governmental corruption and class divergence have had in Brazil. But the echoes of recent protests may carry […]

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Connect, excite, inspire with the urban sports venue

Barclays Center, home of NBA Brooklyn Nets. Photo by Bruce Damonte. Venues for different sports—football, baseball, and soccer stadiums, basketball and hockey arenas—are different animals. They have to do different things. What they have in common is the responsibilities of providing their team with a home field/court advantage, their spectators with an exciting experience, and […]

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