Pieces of Bay Area’s past become art of its future

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re used to seeing a lot of change. Businesses have turned over; old neighborhoods have changed character; new neighborhoods are springing up; Salesforce Tower is rising to replace the Transamerica Building as the Bay’s tallest. With all this growth we’re concerned about preserving character, identity and […]

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What can nature do for your city?

There is a growing call to incorporate green infrastructure within new and existing developments. Natural assets clean the air and water, reduce flood risk, and help regulate climate at both micro and macro scales; they also improve quality of life and raise real estate values accordingly. Green infrastructure can take various forms, from green roofs and […]

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Inside-out: the secret to successful city growth lies at the core

Moving towards a denser way of living does not mean abandoning what we cherish. Australia’s population is growing, and fast. But are we ready? With more and more people expected to live in urban areas, how can we successfully accommodate this growth while striking a balance between productivity and retaining our great quality of life? […]

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Eight steps to a brilliant city

Cities have never been more important, nor the competition between them more intense. Those positioned to excel through this time of global change are pursuing broad, integrated strategies to tap hidden value, celebrate ecology and culture, attract people and investment and overcome financial and operational inefficiencies to define success. Brilliant exudes character and confidence. Brilliant […]

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A greener city is a healthier city

The reports are in: Urban greenery has a measurably positive effect on physical and mental wellbeing. Greenery from tree-lined streets to trails and verdant parks and plazas abet physical exercise, a key factor in the fight against obesity and heart disease. Greenery also helps prevent heat strokes by affording cooling shade and improved ventilation, and […]

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Could a global capital become a national park?

I returned to the UK in October last year having spent a few years working for AECOM in Australia. I had lost the ‘discussion’ with my wife on city versus country living. We returned to our house in South West London. It was cold, wet, dark and the commuting seemed a lot worse than I […]

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Sacramento’s transformation is underway

The state of California is the world’s eighth largest economy. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson thinks that its capital city should reflect that—with a vibrant downtown, greater transportation connectivity, and increased environmental resilience, all leading to a renaissance for business and culture. This is not just an idea; many of the projects that would help realize it […]

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Putting people first: “Building Healthy Places”

Ayala Triangle, Manila. Copyright AECOM photo by Robb Williamson. There is clear evidence that developers, planners, engineers and designers have contributed to the global health and obesity crisis since the inception of the mass-produced affordable automobile. Seemingly inexplicable decisions were made during the 1950s in cities such as Sydney, to tear up extensive light rail […]

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Harnessing the edge effect

Milan’s Piazza Gae Aulenti draws people to its “edge” and to the surrounding mixed-use development. Photo by Cannon Ivers. Ever gone to a party where you know no one and found yourself standing close to a wall, leaning against a doorway or hanging out around the kitchen counter? This is what environmental psychologists call ‘the edge […]

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Singapore’s centrepiece for urban transformation

In land-scarce Singapore, making full use of every inch of ground to spur continuous while sustainable growth ranks high on the nation’s agenda. As an extension of the country’s central business district, the new Marina Bay/Greater Southern Waterfront area has been earmarked as a vibrant live-work-play district that will spur development and raise the international […]

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