The new urban infrastructure equation

What makes a city? Places we live. Places we work. Places we shop and enjoy ourselves. Shared public spaces. The systems that move us from point to point. The systems that deliver water and energy to us. All of this is physical infrastructure of one kind or another. There are also the capital and funding […]

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Inside-out: the secret to successful city growth lies at the core

Moving towards a denser way of living does not mean abandoning what we cherish. Australia’s population is growing, and fast. But are we ready? With more and more people expected to live in urban areas, how can we successfully accommodate this growth while striking a balance between productivity and retaining our great quality of life? […]

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No cars in the city center, or something more?

There has been discussion recently regarding the removal, or restriction, of cars from Australia’s central business districts (CBDs), in particular Melbourne’s. The first question I ask is why? What is the desired outcome? Is the intention to reduce vehicular congestions in the city, reduce pollution, improve public amenity, or all of the above? Rebalancing the […]

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More than a bridge

Tongzhou Canal Bridges: the smaller of two bridges with integrated promenade pavilion and amphitheater. Bridges are of as much interest to the general public as they are to designers and engineers, particularly if they are iconic and notable. Their timeless appearance and monumental size unsurprisingly strike interest and fascination among us all. In the early […]

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