Does anyone have Poseidon’s number?

Image: “Neptune Statue” by mr.throk is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Ancient mariners caught in storms often called upon Poseidon, ruler of the seas, to save them and their ships from danger. The Greek god — or Neptune, if you prefer his Roman name — also had the power to cause earthquakes and tame wild horses. […]

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Financing urban infrastructure in the US and Australia

As an American having lived Down Under for 12 years, I always like coming back to the US; my ‘spiritual home’ is – like Australia – changing so much (and fast), and each return visit uncovers another layer of development, innovation and progress that leaves me amazed, intrigued but, above all, confident in the successful […]

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Spotlight on climate change for 2015

You might have read recently about a climate march in your city, like the one in New York pictured above. You might have even taken part. Why now? What’s going on? 2015 is a big year for climate policy. People the world over – politicians, campaigners, businesses and individuals – are gearing up for a […]

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Do our cities need more icons?

This was the subject of a discussion convened by AECOM at the Center for Architecture during the opening week of our Urban SOS exhibition. We invited a small group of thinkers and observers of the built environment in New York to discuss the topic with four of AECOM’s design leaders. Jacinta McCann, global lead for […]

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Putting people first: “Building Healthy Places”

Ayala Triangle, Manila. Copyright AECOM photo by Robb Williamson. There is clear evidence that developers, planners, engineers and designers have contributed to the global health and obesity crisis since the inception of the mass-produced affordable automobile. Seemingly inexplicable decisions were made during the 1950s in cities such as Sydney, to tear up extensive light rail […]

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Need for public leisure places keeps rising

Millennium Park, Chicago. Photo by Brian Palmer. As urbanization increases across the globe, with its associated increase in built space, density, infrastructure, technology, and associated economic development, not to mention a faster pace of life, the basic human need for leisure and cultural activities and places will continue to grow in importance. An important portion of […]

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To compete, connect

Mumbai, India. ©AECOM Photo By David Lloyd. E.M. Forster’s novel, Howards End, examines social relations in turn-of-the-century England. “Only connect! … Live in fragments no longer” is the guiding exhortation of the novel; Forster encourages us to bring our ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ lives together.  While he is speaking to the lives and times of his […]

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