The new urban infrastructure equation

What makes a city? Places we live. Places we work. Places we shop and enjoy ourselves. Shared public spaces. The systems that move us from point to point. The systems that deliver water and energy to us. All of this is physical infrastructure of one kind or another. There are also the capital and funding […]

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Mayor Garcetti releases LA Climate Action Report

Image courtesy of City of Los Angeles During the United Nations climate talks in Paris, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti attended the Climate Summit for Local Leaders, a gathering of more than 500 mayors and municipal representatives from 115 countries that celebrated the importance of city leadership in global climate protection efforts. In advance of […]

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Financing revitalization in Los Angeles: AUS-US exchange

This post is part of a series about the inaugural U.S.-Australian City Exchange on Local Finance Mechanisms presented by the Future Cities Collaborative, an initiative of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, with the support of New South Wales Trade and Investment and AECOM. The Exchange allows city leaders to examine […]

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Financing urban infrastructure in the US and Australia

As an American having lived Down Under for 12 years, I always like coming back to the US; my ‘spiritual home’ is – like Australia – changing so much (and fast), and each return visit uncovers another layer of development, innovation and progress that leaves me amazed, intrigued but, above all, confident in the successful […]

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LA 2106: realizing the ecological metropolis

Today we revisit a concept we submitted to the History Channel’s City of the Future competition in 2006. Looking back, the thinking we did on this has deeply influenced how we approached projects and developed our practice over the following decade. With a hundred-year timescale, this remains just as potent a suggestion for the future of Los Angeles as it was […]

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Putting people first: “Building Healthy Places”

Ayala Triangle, Manila. Copyright AECOM photo by Robb Williamson. There is clear evidence that developers, planners, engineers and designers have contributed to the global health and obesity crisis since the inception of the mass-produced affordable automobile. Seemingly inexplicable decisions were made during the 1950s in cities such as Sydney, to tear up extensive light rail […]

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LA: Denim City

Indigo Dye Lump. Photo by Evan Izer (Palladian). In the United States and beyond, denim is an international wardrobe staple. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to identify an article of clothing embraced more fully than jeans.  In the 19th century, jeans began as work-wear for hard labor in mines, factories and fields. Since then, the denim […]

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More than a bridge

Tongzhou Canal Bridges: the smaller of two bridges with integrated promenade pavilion and amphitheater. Bridges are of as much interest to the general public as they are to designers and engineers, particularly if they are iconic and notable. Their timeless appearance and monumental size unsurprisingly strike interest and fascination among us all. In the early […]

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Never Built: LA

October 27, 2013 marked the closing of Never Built: Los Angeles. A skillfully curated collection of missed opportunities, this intelligent exhibit and book thoughtfully explores the reciprocal relationship of a city and its residents. Co-curated by architectural journalists Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, Never Built: Los Angeles is the product of an exhaustive study conducted […]

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