The new urban infrastructure equation

What makes a city? Places we live. Places we work. Places we shop and enjoy ourselves. Shared public spaces. The systems that move us from point to point. The systems that deliver water and energy to us. All of this is physical infrastructure of one kind or another. There are also the capital and funding […]

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Inside-out: the secret to successful city growth lies at the core

Moving towards a denser way of living does not mean abandoning what we cherish. Australia’s population is growing, and fast. But are we ready? With more and more people expected to live in urban areas, how can we successfully accommodate this growth while striking a balance between productivity and retaining our great quality of life? […]

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Vertical schools

Do you remember the days of the old school yard? Wide open quadrangles, modest, single-storey buildings, tuckshops offering the sort of fare that wouldn’t pass the sensors of today’s nutritiously-conscious parents? Times certainly have changed, not just in terms of what students are learning and eating, but the environments where they’re learning. Increasingly, the design […]

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Learning from Hong Kong

I have recently found myself  looking to what I consider my second home – Hong Kong – for a fairly straightforward formula of how our increasingly affluent planet needs to quickly learn to consume less: intensifying urbanization, and a specific type of urbanization that is very dense, compact and well-connected, which builds in strong efficiencies while significantly […]

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Need for public leisure places keeps rising

Millennium Park, Chicago. Photo by Brian Palmer. As urbanization increases across the globe, with its associated increase in built space, density, infrastructure, technology, and associated economic development, not to mention a faster pace of life, the basic human need for leisure and cultural activities and places will continue to grow in importance. An important portion of […]

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A lesson from Giza

Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Photo by Steve Burrows. As humans aggregate in ever-increasing numbers in places we call cities, the density forces us to live in the air. Tall buildings were once a symbol of confidence, marking a society as technically capable and economically strong. Now it’s simply a question of necessity. Every few […]

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