Creating healthy cities: vibrant and vital for a better future

Several European cities have have banned vehicles from their city centres in an attempt to create a more active, healthy community. The world’s great cities are exciting and dynamic places rich in experience, opportunity and potential. They are hubs of social interaction, commerce and culture, boasting exceptional places that we love to experience. As the […]

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Improving urban wellbeing: as easy as riding a bike

The landscape of post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand is changing rapidly. When there is change, there will be innovation. Cycling in Christchurch is like much of the rest of the world: the media features it frequently, people talk about it on the street, local councils promote it and the politicians discuss it at meetings. But this topic in Christchurch […]

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“Slip & Slide”…and cycle?

Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images Last month almost 100,000 people registered to ‘Slip and Slide’ down Park Street in Bristol, UK. The 90-metre water slide – the brain child of living arts artist Luke Jerram – was part of Bristol’s ‘Making Sundays Special’ program. 65,000 people headed to Park Street to watch thrill-seeking ticket holders literally […]

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Who should lead cycling change?

Image: Copyright AECOM / Robb Williamson Last week Jamie Oliver launched his latest campaign: better, healthier and affordable fresh food for everyday Australians in a bid to tackle Australia’s obesity epidemic. “We’ve got more opportunities to affect change than any Government,” said Jamie, and he’s right. This guy reaches 300 million people on social media […]

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Cycle toward the Law of Attraction

Photo: Copyright AECOM by David Lloyd. I gave my best friend, Sarah, the book The Power for Christmas. Yesterday she emailed me saying that “if it only does one thing – to make me grateful with my lot – then that’s enough for me.” If you’ve read The Power, you know it says that “like attracts like” […]

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Shower power

Dragon Lake Bridge Park, Bengbu, China. Copyright AECOM photo by Dixi Carrillo. Last weekend I met Australian Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer Liesel Jones. I didn’t know who she was. We chatted about day spas, massages and fake tans! Liesel has a dream: to open the best urban day spa in Australia, and I for one know […]

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An evening with Jan Gehl

Last night at London’s Hackney Empire Theater, 1,100 people and I attended a screening of the film, The Human Scale. The film focuses largely on the work of Danish architect Jan Gehl (Yan Gale) and his firm, Gehl Architects. The premise of the film and Gehl’s work over the past 50 years is that modern […]

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What women want

Copyright AECOM photo by David Lloyd Last week my colleague sold her bike. She said if there was infrastructure where she lives — like the floating suspension bridge in Eindhoven, Netherlands, or the proposed SkyCycle above London’s rail lines — she’d cycle. Until then she said, “our roads are too dangerous for women.” It’s not just here in […]

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Are we overthinking cycling?

Image: copyright AECOM by David Lloyd. On his blog ‘Cycling in a broad church,’ @GregVann recently wrote, “Danes don’t consider themselves cyclists – just as they use vacuum cleaners, but don’t consider themselves ‘vacuum cleanerers’!’ This got me thinking. Are we overthinking cycling in Australian cities? I think we are.  There are four trends allowing […]

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Cities on two wheels

Many of us have memories of time spent on bikes, whether it’s as a child learning to cycle down a garden path, cruising with friends along the beach, or racing against competitors. For most of us, though, the days of cycling as an everyday activity are long gone; cycling is just a memory, and a […]

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