LA 2106: realizing the ecological metropolis

Today we revisit a concept we submitted to the History Channel’s City of the Future competition in 2006. Looking back, the thinking we did on this has deeply influenced how we approached projects and developed our practice over the following decade. With a hundred-year timescale, this remains just as potent a suggestion for the future of Los Angeles as it was […]

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Sacramento’s transformation is underway

The state of California is the world’s eighth largest economy. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson thinks that its capital city should reflect that—with a vibrant downtown, greater transportation connectivity, and increased environmental resilience, all leading to a renaissance for business and culture. This is not just an idea; many of the projects that would help realize it […]

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Do our cities need more icons?

This was the subject of a discussion convened by AECOM at the Center for Architecture during the opening week of our Urban SOS exhibition. We invited a small group of thinkers and observers of the built environment in New York to discuss the topic with four of AECOM’s design leaders. Jacinta McCann, global lead for […]

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Iconic buildings: overcoming the risk

The design and construction of iconic buildings is fundamental to shaping our cities and how they’re in turn perceived by residents and visitors. Globally we have seen iconic buildings act as a catalyst for economic growth and urban renewal, and often they become synonymous with the city in which they’re located. Examples include the Burj […]

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Connection is King

What will define the new NBA Sacramento Kings Arena is its openness: a sense of connection from the court, to the stands, to the site, to the city. The key architectural and engineering element is what an article calls “the world’s largest patio doors.” This central design feature is a response to the area’s […]

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What should Earth Day mean?

Image: Copyright Robb Williamson / AECOM The questions of how we can find a sustainable balance between society and nature and how we design and manage our cities are of course very closely linked. As we at AECOM thought about Earth Day for 2014, we decided that to achieve the most productive results, the former […]

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LA: Denim City

Indigo Dye Lump. Photo by Evan Izer (Palladian). In the United States and beyond, denim is an international wardrobe staple. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to identify an article of clothing embraced more fully than jeans.  In the 19th century, jeans began as work-wear for hard labor in mines, factories and fields. Since then, the denim […]

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More than a bridge

Tongzhou Canal Bridges: the smaller of two bridges with integrated promenade pavilion and amphitheater. Bridges are of as much interest to the general public as they are to designers and engineers, particularly if they are iconic and notable. Their timeless appearance and monumental size unsurprisingly strike interest and fascination among us all. In the early […]

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What’s next for the living wall?

Five years old and in “rude health,” Westfield London’s living wall. © AECOM photo by David Lloyd. There has been a lot of hype surrounding green or living walls in recent years, using plants to create verdant building facades or interior atriums. Increasingly, blank walls and building are being transformed into vertical landscapes, turning dense urban […]

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Home away from home

As the masterplanner and designer of a project, it is always  with a sense of amazement that the built manifestation finally arrives. This is what makes designers tick, and is the true litmus test: as the project you and your team have worked so hard on unveils itself, warts and all, there’s no place to […]

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