Accelerating cities in Australia, New Zealand

I recently visited Auckland, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney recently, speaking in various venues about globalization, emerging technology, and their impacts on cities, including a presentation at the Adelaide ‘Open State’ festival. From traditional North American/European perspectives, both Australia and New Zealand are the ‘end of the line’. Auckland is 12 hours ahead of London – […]

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Clear messages from the 7th International Urban Design Conference

Photo: copyright AECOM / Robb Williamson. The reality of going to most conferences is that you listen for 80 percent of the time to things that you are already aware of (which might be interesting, but aren’t necessarily teaching you anything), 10 percent of the time feeling really bored and/or irritated by someone who just […]

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Who should lead cycling change?

Image: Copyright AECOM / Robb Williamson Last week Jamie Oliver launched his latest campaign: better, healthier and affordable fresh food for everyday Australians in a bid to tackle Australia’s obesity epidemic. “We’ve got more opportunities to affect change than any Government,” said Jamie, and he’s right. This guy reaches 300 million people on social media […]

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Cycle toward the Law of Attraction

Photo: Copyright AECOM by David Lloyd. I gave my best friend, Sarah, the book The Power for Christmas. Yesterday she emailed me saying that “if it only does one thing – to make me grateful with my lot – then that’s enough for me.” If you’ve read The Power, you know it says that “like attracts like” […]

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