Does anyone have Poseidon’s number?

Image: “Neptune Statue” by mr.throk is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Ancient mariners caught in storms often called upon Poseidon, ruler of the seas, to save them and their ships from danger. The Greek god — or Neptune, if you prefer his Roman name — also had the power to cause earthquakes and tame wild horses. […]

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Mayors and innovation: there is much to do and they want help

Political conventions are often known for funny hats, rousing speeches, and lots of receptions and parties, but they are also an opportunity for civic leaders to come together, talk about the issues they are facing, and share ideas. The National Conference of Democratic Mayors held just such a session last week in Philadelphia called “City […]

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Notes from COP 21: after the agreement

An historic agreement was reached in Paris on Saturday. One hundred and ninety-five nations agreed that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and must work to keep the average global temperature rise to under two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees F) from pre-industrial levels. Only one of the 196 nations attending, Nicaragua, objected on the basis […]

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Notes from COP 21: role of companies and consumers

I arrived in Paris about a week into the global climate talks known as the 21st Conference of Parties or COP 21. The first week was marked with meetings and speeches by world leaders on the need for action and several announcements on efforts to fund clean energy development and adaptation. With the speeches over […]

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New Orleans: A story of survival and resilience

A street jazz band performs in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Dustin Almond. Tomorrow, New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and the nation will mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. All this week, people from around the world have been gathering in New Orleans to talk not about “The Storm” as it is known locally, […]

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