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Subterranean Sydney: what lies beneath

When you think about the underground, does your mind immediately conjure up somewhere dark, damp and claustrophobic, with a faintly unpleasant aroma? Do you think of neon-lit parking garages, musty wine cellars and disused bomb shelters? Or, being more technically minded, are you more focused on utilities, rail corridors, or the geotechnical composition of the […]

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Emeryville: “the little city that could”

Key Australian city-shaping organisations including BVN Architecture, UrbanGrowth NSW, and  Parramatta and Bankstown City Councils have embarked on the United States – Australia City Exchange on Innovation Ecosystems with the Future Cities Collaborative, an initiative of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, led by Professor Ed Blakely. Our mission is to […]

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Turning a city into a campus for innovation

What do Google, Apple and Facebook have in common, apart from being three of the world’s biggest and most valuable companies? They’ve all created campuses for their employees. The idea is quite simple: create an environment where employees are encouraged to flourish (and hang around beyond the typical ‘nine to five’), and keep them engaged, […]

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