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No cars in the city center, or something more?

There has been discussion recently regarding the removal, or restriction, of cars from Australia’s central business districts (CBDs), in particular Melbourne’s. The first question I ask is why? What is the desired outcome? Is the intention to reduce vehicular congestions in the city, reduce pollution, improve public amenity, or all of the above? Rebalancing the […]

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International events: seven reasons to bid (even if you lose)

As lessons have been learned and passed on from one event to another, there are now a number of examples of cities that have won the right to host a major sporting event and then gone on to plan for and deliver long-term benefits. Barcelona, Vancouver and London to name a few are all examples […]

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International events: which one is right for your city?

Aside from the so-called ‘mega’ or flagship events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sport events which occur across the globe every year. This is a factor of the organised nature of sport. As well as sport, the event sector also includes cultural, political and […]

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