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Cycle toward the Law of Attraction

Photo: Copyright AECOM by David Lloyd. I gave my best friend, Sarah, the book The Power for Christmas. Yesterday she emailed me saying that “if it only does one thing – to make me grateful with my lot – then that’s enough for me.” If you’ve read The Power, you know it says that “like attracts like” […]

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Green to keep the blues at bay

Photo by the author. UK cities faced surging flood waters over the winter. The answer to future resilience lies largely with green infrastructure. That’s according to Matthew Jones, regional director, AECOM, and Michael Henderson, associate director of sustainability, AECOM, in recent articles for Water Briefing and Civil Service World, respectively. “While the flooding has taken place […]

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How much is water worth?

Photo by Courtney Spearman. “We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau In the U.S., we don’t worry about water. It’s always been there – when we wash our hands, fill a glass, switch on the dishwasher, run a bath, take a shower. We don’t think about it; […]

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Learning from Hong Kong

I have recently found myself  looking to what I consider my second home – Hong Kong – for a fairly straightforward formula of how our increasingly affluent planet needs to quickly learn to consume less: intensifying urbanization, and a specific type of urbanization that is very dense, compact and well-connected, which builds in strong efficiencies while significantly […]

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