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Water crisis: nano solutions

UCSB researcher with scanning-tunneling electron microscope. The risks to our global water supplies are many and complex. They include aquifer depletion from excessive withdrawal; increases in salinity from saltwater incursion, irrigation practices, fertilizer use, and road salting; pollution from industrial, agricultural, and human and animal waste; and drought exacerbated by climate change. As our usable […]

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“The Human Scale”

Photo: Copryright AECOM by Robb Williamson. The Human Scale is as much a cry from the heart as it is a documentary about urban design; when we plan cities, how can we focus on the individual?  The presence of Jan Gehl is felt everywhere throughout the film. He identifies ways in which modern cities repel […]

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Cleaning up a toxic legacy

The Sydney Tar Ponds on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, is formerly one of the country’s most contaminated industrial sites. Bruce Noble, Cape Breton resident and AECOM environmental engineer, looks ahead to what its recently completed clean-up means to Sydney’s continuing urban development. I first walked out onto the Tar Ponds in 2005. Outfitted […]

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Cities on two wheels

Many of us have memories of time spent on bikes, whether it’s as a child learning to cycle down a garden path, cruising with friends along the beach, or racing against competitors. For most of us, though, the days of cycling as an everyday activity are long gone; cycling is just a memory, and a […]

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CenturyLink Field’s design advantage

On September 15 the NFL Seattle Seahawks will host the San Francisco Forty-Niners in a nationally televised game and one of the most anticipated match-ups of the 2013 season. The Niners anticipate a roar of crowd noise so deafening that they may not be able to hear one another when standing a few yards apart […]

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