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The great Indian story

Noida City Center, Delhi – the 152-acre smart and connected city with over 40m sq.ft. of mixed-use developable area. The land development and infrastructure boom is dominating the Indian economy, and the fervor is being further ignited by the sheer opportunity to be part of the action in a country which is multi-faceted, colorful and frenetic. […]

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Smart mobility: connecting people and places

Source: Rocky Mountain Institute. Cities cover 2 percent of the earth’s surface, contain over half of its population, consume 75 percent of global energy and give off 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  Cities are growing.  Between 2010 and 2050, the number of people living in the world’s urban areas is expected to grow […]

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Ecological opportunities

National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC. ©AECOM Photo By David Lloyd. Whether urban infill, civil infrastructure, or suburban growth, all projects are superimposed onto an ecosystem and can benefit from a cooperative relationship with natural systems from the site scale to the city scale. While this idea may sound familiar — a la […]

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Why farm the city?

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn. Image courtesy of Agriculture has made cities a reality. Without a reliable food supply, it is simply not possible for large numbers of humans to settle together in the same location, and agriculture has allowed us to do this on a staggering scale. For the first time in our […]

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