Where millennials can build a career

As Construction Dive recently reported, the construction industry is facing a huge hurdle when it comes to recruitment – a 200,000 to 250,000 worker deficit, to be exact. When thinking about it objectively, it doesn’t make sense – the pay is competitive, an aging workforce will continue to yield plenty of jobs, and there are many different specialties […]

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Does your building have a future?

Presented at the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, Hong Kong, June 2017. We are experiencing more disruption than ever with artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and autonomous vehicles are no longer science fiction. So what does this mean for construction? Will the building you’re thinking of designing today be obsolete even before it’s completed? […]

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Pollinate India: Arrival in Kolkata

The excitement hit me on the airport travelator – I’m going to India! There’s nothing quite like walking along a moving walkway to a soft mechanical hum in air-conditioned, sterile surrounds. Of course, the airport environment is the complete opposite of my first impressions of India – an assault of heat and car horns. We […]

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Drones, virtual/mixed reality and 3D printing are the future of construction

This post is part of a series on Linkedin. Image courtesy of Getty Images. In China, concrete houses are being produced by 3D printers. In the U.S., designers are using virtual reality with clients to experience the look and feel of a high-rise building even before the first shovel turns dirt. And in countries around […]

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