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#CoolJobs: Proud to lead a team that is skilled, trained and ready for action!

I am pleased to offer a look into some of the exciting projects and capabilities within the mission support services (MSS) team at AECOM. I am a computer science major with a focus in software engineering. You might find it strange that a software engineer runs a team focused on aviation services, but I spent […]

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AECOM’s Dalziel leads the charge against Ebola in Sierra Leone

Imagine you, your family and your community are facing a rare and deadly viral infection that causes severe bleeding and organ failure. That is reality for communities in Africa affected by the scourge of Ebola virus disease, which is fatal if left untreated. In impoverished countries with weak governments, a highly contagious virus like Ebola […]

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#WomenExcel: Why I’m proud to represent the Calmentor mentor-protégé program

I have been working in the transportation industry for over 30 years and have managed exciting and challenging projects in different areas of transportation, including highways, transit and airports. During that time, I have been actively involved in the professional community, and today I truly enjoy voluntarily engaging with that community and serving on the […]

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We can’t wait: Solving the world’s sanitation crisis on a global scale

On November 19, in response to the U.N.’s World Toilet Day call to action, AECOM process engineer Ruth Cottingham discusses her work improving sanitation in Durban, South Africa. One of the most memorable toilets I’ve ever experienced was on a nature reserve in South Africa, an hour’s drive from Durban. The facility, an open-front hillside […]

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