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#SafetyforLife: Perspectives from AECOM’s chief safety officer

In honor of World Day for Safety and Health, Andy Peters, AECOM’s chief safety officer, shares his background in safety as well as AECOM’s safety challenges and achievements. I began my career in underground mining in the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania, United States. Safety was paramount and essential in order to survive in the […]

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#SafetyforLife: Leading safety across Latin America

When anyone asks me why I chose a career in safety, I have to laugh because I believe that my safety career chose me. In my first real job, I worked on environmental education projects at Parque Estadual da Cantareira (Cantareira State Park) in Brazil. At the time, I lived very close to the area […]

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Life’s a buzz at the Pollinate Energy Hive

I’m Zara Marais, an environmental scientist based in Melbourne, Australia. With my AECOM colleagues Sean Holmes and Louis Scipione, I’m currently taking part in Pollinate Energy’s Young Professionals Program in Hyderabad, India. We’re sharing our journey here in the AECOM Impact blog.  Follow our journey and join the conversation below! Sean, Louis and I have […]

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#SafetyforLife: Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Lauren van der Merwe, an environmental specialist at AECOM, conducts fire safety training. Safety is extremely important to us here at AECOM — which is why we both took on roles as the safety, health and environment (SH&E) coordinators for AECOM’s Sanabis, Bahrain, office in the Middle East as an addendum to our existing duties. […]

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#SafetyforLife: Discovering a career in occupational safety

I began college as an accounting major until I realized that career path was not for me. A friend encouraged me to take an occupational safety course. After a few courses, I realized that occupational safety provided an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the individuals that I work with and those […]

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#SafetyforLife: Ensuring everyone returns home safely

I first encountered the importance of health and safety while working on a charity project in rural India. Our group was working to build a sustainable toilet and shower unit for a boarding school in order to prevent disease and ensure girls have access to schools since a lack of sanitation systems often serves as […]

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#SafetyforLife: Setting safety best practices on the U.K.’s Crossrail Programme

I have worked on the £14.8-billion (US$24-billion) Crossrail Programme, currently Europe’s largest construction project, for the past five years as a senior member of the logistics team. Our group is working to make U.K. roads safer by introducing rigorous safety requirements for all heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) working on this massive infrastructure project — something […]

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