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YALI Reflections: Three ideas to help sustain Africa

My work at AECOM is almost always very rewarding. When it is best, it involves learning and sharing to help optimize conditions for human development — the end for which sustainability activities and talents of AECOM are the means. This summer, AECOM was a sponsor for more than 20 African leaders in a program originated […]

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Nine things a director of sustainable development vows to change

Ben Smith, AECOM’s Director of Sustainable Development for Design, Planning & Economics in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, is committed to change in the next 12 months. Whether it’s growing veggies with his children or studying the ethics of his investments, he’s determined to give it a go. So what sparked this light bulb […]

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Empowering Africa’s future presidents

With 60% of Africa’s population under 35, it’s recognized that the youth will shape the future of Africa. These young leaders will help make the decisions that will propel economies, seed growth and prosperity, and strengthen democratic institutions. AECOM made a bold demonstration of support of Africa’s young leaders. AECOM donated nearly US$300,000 to support […]

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Reconciliation in Australia

To people around the world, Australia is known as a land of plenty, of golden beaches, bronzed surfers and an enviable lifestyle. Not many would know that it wasn’t until 1965 that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples won the right to vote, with the state of Queensland last to join.  It wasn’t until […]

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