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What’s your special sauce?

As we progress through the second week of Pollinate Energy’s Young Professionals Program, I have a greater appreciation for the overwhelming success that Pollinate has had. While conducting our Impact Assessments, it has been evident that the solar lights have delivered countless benefits for their customers. Pollinate has sold more than 3,000 solar lights in […]

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Emotional connections, unforgettable experiences

Today I completed my first evaluative story, an experience I will never forget. As a team, we visited the Additya community in south Bangalore. In comparison to other communities, it’s considered relatively small but is still home to 150 residents. The hour-long journey from Pollinate headquarters gives us time to discuss our approach on site. […]

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Endless impacts

Hi, I’m Kate Crowley, a Marketing Advisor based in AECOM’s Brisbane office. I’m currently in Bangalore taking part in Pollinate Energy’s second Young Professionals Program. Last week you might have read the first few posts from my colleagues Chris and Megan, detailing what we’ve been up to in India. Now it’s my turn; enjoy! It’s […]

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Energy makes the world go round

Hi, I’m Megan Aspinall, a renewable energy engineer based in AECOM’s Melbourne office. Together with a few of my AECOM colleagues, I’m currently in Bangalore, India, taking part in Pollinate Energy’s second Young Professionals Program. Below is my first post, following on from Chris Austin-Berry’s first post earlier this week. Share our journey! The first […]

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Touchdown in Bangalore

Hi, I’m Chris Austin-Berry (left), a project manager based in AECOM’s Christchurch, New Zealand office, where I manage a large program of work repairing earthquake-damaged properties. Together with my AECOM colleagues Megan Aspinall (centre) and Kate Crowley (right), I’m taking part in Pollinate Energy’s second Young Professionals Program, helping this thriving “social” business assist communities […]

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