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More connects us than separates us

We have been in India nearly two weeks, but it feels like much longer considering all the experiences we have had as part of Pollinate Energy’s Young Professionals Program. When I reflect upon our experiences in this wonderful country, it’s the people we’ve met along the way that have made our journey so special. Take […]

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Flames for your chai

My AECOM colleagues and I have been in Bangalore, India, participating in Pollinate Energy’s Young Professional Program for well over a week now, and we’ve learned a lot about this city, clean energy products, social businesses, and of course, the communities where we have been working. The question of accessibility has been one I’ve pondered […]

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Big, beautiful Bangalore!

Namaskara, from Bangalore! I’m Johannes Wilson, an engineering geologist based in AECOM’s Christchurch, New Zealand office. Rosanna, Belinda and I have been immersed in the Indian city of Bangalore for over a week now, as we help not-for-profit Pollinate Energy deliver clean energy solutions to India’s poor as part of its Young Professionals Program. Bangalore is […]

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Tea, cookstoves and clean energy in Bangalore

Hi, I’m Belinda Dods (left), a Landscape Architect based in AECOM’s Sydney office. With Rosanna and Johannes (right), we’re currently in India helping Pollinate Energy deliver clean energy solutions to Bangalore’s urban poor. Share our journey here! Our first few days working with Pollinate Energy here in Bangalore has cemented my high opinions of this […]

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Bringing the energy to India

Hi, I’m Rosanna Sanderson (center), an environmental engineer based in AECOM’s Brisbane, Australia office. Together with my fellow AECOM colleagues Johannes Wilson (right) and Belinda Dods (left), I’ve been selected to take part in Pollinate Energy’s Young Professionals Program. We’ll be blogging about our adventures in India – and about the important work we’ll be doing […]

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