#WomenExcel: Striking gold in London at AECOM


When I look back at my experiences during the past 50 years — growing up as a dyslexic woman of colour — it amazes me how much progress has been made in society. I always felt like a round peg in a square world, facing a school system that only supported women in joining care […]

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#WomenExcel: Learning to lead — letting go and holding on


AECOM’s Komal Dewan served as project manager for the 2030 vision and master plan for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California, United States. In my opinion, one of the hardest things about becoming a leader is letting go.  You spend your professional life working to become a manager with full production and financial control […]

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#WomenExcel: Women lead the way in Africa’s mining industry


The history of mining globally has come a long way, particularly when it comes to women. As recent as 10 years ago, it was technically illegal for a woman to go underground in a mine in South Africa, and in Western Australia women were not permitted underground until 1986. Though now legal and permissible, the […]

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#WomenExcel: Creating your own legacy


In celebration of World Water Day on March 22 and International Women’s Day on March 8, Denise Laferte shares her career journey working in the water group at AECOM. Like many of us at AECOM, I entered the company through a legacy firm — mine happened to be a 100-year-old water and wastewater firm.  In 2001, […]

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#WomenExcel: Perspectives from a project manager in China


Although I grew up in northeast China, familiar with the rolling hills that surrounded us, when I received an offer from Hahn-Meitner Institute to study railway materials in Berlin, Germany, I jumped at the opportunity. I later graduated with my Ph.D. in material science and engineering from Berlin Technical University, and landed my first job […]

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#WomenExcel: It’s time to “make it happen” for all women, everywhere


International Women’s Day is a big event for AECOM. On social media, at  industry events in Australia and New Zealand (and around the world), and in small groups in our offices, we were challenged as individuals and as a business to “make it happen” — to lead positive change for women in terms of addressing […]

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#WomenExcel: Education is key to individual professional success, women’s progress


“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved,” said Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Rightly said by Dr. Ambedkar, a community grows with the advancement of women. Gone are the days when the status of women in India was inferior to men in day-to-day life. Although there is still […]

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#WomenExcel: Taking advantage of AECOM opportunities


I believe that you only live once, so make the best of everything that you do! In 2004, I started working at AECOM’s legacy Davis Langdon company as a first-year student doing vocational work to increase my knowledge base. After completing my three-year Bachelor of Science degree in property development, I was privileged to receive […]

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