A few walls of fresh paint — and countless memories


I recently participated in the first and largest corporate social responsibility (CSR) event to date for AECOM’s office in Istanbul, Turkey, which included 15 employees renovating the basement of the Bahcelievler Orphanage. And I can tell you that this event has made a large impact on my life. Many of the children placed in the […]

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#WomenExcel: Two sisters start a new chapter at AECOM

Lightened 2_Childhood_690x355

From left: Arsine and Meline as children by the Caspian Sea in Iran. We were born to an Armenian family and raised in Tehran, Iran. As teenagers, we immigrated to the United States with our parents in 2004. We clearly recall our first day of school in California, carrying a dictionary to our math class. […]

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#WomenExcel: Why do we need diversity in engineering?


A 2012 paper published by Deloitte titled “Waiter is that inclusion in my soup?” found an 80-percent increase in business performance for companies with high diversity rates. Whilst there is a proven business case for greater diversity, the need for diversity is more personal for me. At the tender age of 16, I was struggling […]

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#Safetyforlife: Using the relationship between gender and child pedestrian incidents to reduce fatalities


AECOM’s Lindsey McConnell was recently selected as a regional finalist at the Society of Road Safety Auditors’ Colas competition for her paper on child pedestrian casualties in the U.K. Child pedestrian casualties remain the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among 5 to 14 year olds in Great Britain. More than 69 percent of all […]

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#CoolJobs: The pristine Brazilian coast is my office


While I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in oceanography, I was also trying to choose the right career path for me. Like most students, I had many doubts, but I still remember thinking there was one thing I was certain about — that I wanted to travel and experience as much as I could […]

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AECOM employee revamps orphanage in South Africa in honor of Nelson Mandela International Day


In honor of the United Nations’ Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18, AECOM’s Ivan Lukhele shares his experiences helping to fight poverty in South Africa. AECOM awarded Lukhele the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project Award for Nelson Mandela Day” at last year’s Africa Achievement Awards celebration. It was a Sunday evening when I went […]

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#SafetyforLife: Rethinking health and hazardous substances on worksites


I once worked with a young woman who was convinced she had lead poisoning after working at an abandoned mine site in northern Canada. She was a professional scientist who became ill and felt compelled to do her own research into the risks associated with her work. It seemed obvious to her. She was working […]

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#CoolJobs: Front row view of the evolution of spaceflight


AECOM’s Joshua Taylor sits in one of the chairs in which astronauts from well known shuttle missions donned their flight suits hours prior to launch. My job at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is amazing because I get to work with rare equipment, I am able to interface with customers in all areas of development, and I […]

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