Increasing access to safe drinking water and sanitation


AECOM’s Richard Hope helps to provide clean water in Guatemala. For many, it is hard to understand not having access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Unfortunately, this is a reality for 780 million people in the world today. The statistics are truly frightening: 780 million people do not have access to clean water. 5 […]

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Philanthropic adventures across India, Peru empower AECOM employee


Many weird and wonderful doors and opportunities have opened for me since 2010 after I participated in Rotary International’s “Rotary Youth Leadership Award” (RYLA) program. RYLA, which is designed to promote proactivity as well as personal and professional development of Australian youth, has been a driving force, empowering me and my two friends Glen Gorton […]

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Stakeholder management – A concern for project managers


Stakeholder management has long been a concern for project managers. Stakeholders and project managers don’t always think in the same way. Project managers must find ways to face stakeholder expectations that don’t align with the genuine situation on a project. In my experience working on projects in the Middle East, I would like to establish […]

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Cycling with “Amy’s Gran Fondo” event in Australia


I have ridden a bike all my life. It’s always been something that I enjoy, coupled with my spirit for adventure and the value I place on health and renewable/sustainable living. Recently, I have been more serious about cycling and, at the start of the year, I set myself a goal to take on a […]

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Excellence Awards: River of Life project brings together a diverse team


We began working on the River of Life in 2012 when Kuala Lumpur City Hall opened the original design competition to international participants with the goal of finding a world class, sustainable and contextually relevant solution for the iconic urban transformation project. The project provided an opportunity to demonstrate our strengths while being involved in […]

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Excellence Awards: Improving food security in the pearl of Africa


I’ve just landed in Entebbe, Uganda, to supervise the construction of a grain store that my colleagues and I at Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD) have spent the last two years designing and fundraising for. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous; I have no idea what to expect. I’ve never been to Africa before and […]

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Building emergency homes in Brazil


Many times, we live in our comfort zone within our own enclosed worlds and do not realize what happens outside of it. Social inequality and poverty are problems that affect many countries nowadays, and the experience we received — with support from AECOM’s employees in Brazil along with TETO — makes it clear how beneficial […]

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Empowering Kenya’s Maasai tribe to address water shortages


Early in the afternoon, our Land Rover bounced over the rocky roads of the village of Iltalal in Kenya.  As we caromed over the rutted tracks, the rattling and banging of the truck and our tools melded in harmony with the laughter of the roughly 10 people packed inside.  There was much cause for laughter […]

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